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How early to drink cows milk Lock Rss

I am thinking ahead here, babe is 6weeks old and I plan to return to work next year early June. She will be 11months nearly a year. I would like to keep breast feeding and not use any formula. Do you think she will be ready for cows milk by the time I go back to work?

Bess, NZ baby girl 01 July 2005

The recommended average time is 12 months for the introduction of cows milk but - you know your baby best - If at 11 months you feel its time then slowly introduce it to her.

Good Luck
Hi Bess,

Congrats hun on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!! And its nice that you are waiting til shes a bit older to return to work.

Are u planning to place her in childcare and how many hrs will u b working when u return to the workforce? Both ways you stil breastfeed (if u prefer), just use a breast pump to express milk into her bottles then refrigerate for up to 12hrs (either this or 24hrs, advisable to check with your health professional) and if you want to keep the breast milk more fresh or you are working long hours, it can be freeze and heat up when needed.

Cows milk is another alternative and can be introduce at 12months. Good luck and take care.


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