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5 &1/2mth old, up 3-4 times a night, won't take bottles, BF bub tired mum. Lock Rss

Tired, tired, tired.
Jessica has been up & down at night like a yo-yo- I'm lucky if I get 3 hours sleep at a time. Basically, she is up at 9:30pm, 12:00am, 3am, 6am. Generally it takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to resettle, change her (which I only do if I really have to at night) & feed her. What makes it worse is that I am working full time at the moment, and because she won't take the bottle I race down to the centre 3 times a day during my breaks to feed her. When I say she won't take a bottle, I mean with breastmilk in it (50ml max if she is desperate at the child care centre). Trying to start her on Farax to fill her up- but she only has around a teaspoon of the mixed up stuff but loves the spoon. She still has a bit of the tounge reflex but actually holds her tounge down with her finger! She also does the whole chewing thing. I can't wait until I am back at home full time at the start of school holidays. Feeding her today- about every 2 hours!
So fustrating. Does anyone else want to share their fustration?? Anyone else had a similar experience? Do I just have to wait it out?

You poor thing. I thought that I had it bad having a 6 month old waking twice a night. I am still trying to find a solution, I did find that introducing solids helped a bit.

When DD was 3 months old she too had to be fed every three hours. It was hard but I gradually made her wait longer and longer until I stretched it to 4 hours. I found that she must have been snacking and was alot more settled after she waited.

I am also trying to get DD to take a bottle, to start with I gave her a bottle which she only took a bit of and then gave her nothing else until her next feed. I then gave her another bottle which she took alot more of. I persisted with the same routine for a couple of days and it appears to be paying off. My problem is she still only takes about 120mls at a time, but considering that she still is fed 6 times a day that amount is not surprising.

The most frustrating thing is that I started the trixie hall routine at about 3- 4 months and it was working wonders DD was sleeping from 7-7 with a dreamfeed at 10. About 3 weeks ago we both got sick and she began to wake every two hours, luckily I have stretched that to 4 hours at night now.

All I can say is hang in there, you are doing a great job, bonus points for working whilst going through this rough time. My mum keeps telling me that there aren't many 21 year olds still being BF and waking several times a night so there is still hope for DD!

My busy house

Have you tried different bottles, my son wouldn't take a bottle, breastmilk or formula then i tried the tommee tippee bottle it is called from breast to bottle. I first had my partner give him the bottle while i stood out of sight, now he will take it off me or partner, formula or breastmilk.
Hi ruffone

You poor thing, I know exactly how you feel my 5 1/2mth old is the same it is nothing for me to be up every 1-2 hours. Cooper is breast feed and eats heaps of solids during the day and still it does not make any difference in the his sleeping patterns. Does Jessica sleep much during the day? Cooper has maybe 3hours during the day at 1/2 hour at a time if I'm lucky. I have tried everything from giving him a bath before bed, giving feeds to top him up before bed, you name it I have tried it. I guess some lucky mums are blessed with sleepers and others like us are blessed with ones who like to keep us awake just for the fun of it smile Heehee.

good luck if you find anything that works let me know i thought i was the only one with non sleeper. Every one else I know have great sleepers.

talk soon Deb[/img][/url]

Gosh- it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one that has a bub that is up & down all night. It hasn't helped that she has been sick either. I think we are on her third illness in the 3 weeks I have been working (Yay- it is finally over!!). I think day care definatly contributes to an increase in colds and illnesses & I'm glad that we arn't doing it anymore for a while. Jess woke up today & threw up (power spew) everything in her little tummy 4 times over 3 hours. 2 changes of clothes, 2 baths, 3 soaked towels covered in spew. We are off to the Dr's at 12:15. Hopefully this is the last time she falls ill for a while.
For a while there I was getting up to her every 2 hours over night then waking up for work at 6:30am. The only way I could get her to sleep for 3 hours in the wee hours of the morning was to sleep with her. On the way home the other day I almost had a car acident due to sleep deprivation while coming into my driveway! Needless to say being a SHAM is really appealing. I can't wait to have a healthy family & start to get out during the day with my beautiful bub again.

hi there,
i have a 2 month old, my second child. He is an absolute guts, i exclusively breast fed for 8 weeks, then weaned him off with bottles (formula), he was hungry all the time, every hour i was feeding and had the same pattern as you, even with a bottle not breast.

Our boy is half polynesian, so by their heritage they are big eaters, his aunty told me to add and extra scoop of formula to his bottles, i did, reluctantly and he amazingly slept through the whole night for the past week. his stools were originally very runny, now they are normal, not hard. I top him up with water between feeds, but for the last bottle ONLY he has an extra scoop and he sleeps completely through.

thought it is against the teaching, but it brought us great success and I can sleep a full night now.
good luck!


sounds silly
but different flow teats are bad if they are too slow as the baby will lose interest if he has to suck too hard. So maybe go to a faster flow teat. i use avent bottles n teats and find them great.


Just to look at it from a different angle......bubs might just want you. Is it possible to give bubs a snuggle in your bed until they fall asleep and then put back in their own bed? At that age it is quite normal to need security from mum and there is absolutely nothing wrong with providing it. If you are working it might just get you the sleep you need! Otherwise your likely to do this for ages trying different things and they will grow out of it. Even better is if they can sleep in the bed with you - following the safety guidelines of course, or even aving the cot next to the bed. Just a thought!
Your right. But Jessica already sleeps beside our bed in her cot so she knows we are close. We have also had lots of night time snuggles in our bed too. I find she sleeps for an extra hour if I sleep with her. I problem I have encountered though is dead arm syndrome. Sleeping 'safely' with her, and protecting her from pillows ect. I put my arm under her head. But it goes numb & you are extremley restricted in how you can move. Oh well, 1 hour more sleep though. Just not what I'd call quality sleep.

OOooooo I understand the dead arm bizzo!! I find I either have my head at dds head level and an arm around the top of her head or have her at my boob level and I put a pillow on top of my arm, just enough to have my head on it without it being near her. It doesn't go dead that way. Does that make sense? When dd wakes up (as soon as she starts making her little awake noises I put her on the boob. I feed her laying down and that way I can doze as well. I also found she kept waking up if the light was on. (it is a really dim touch lamp.)I just found the least I disturbed her the quicker she went back to sleep. Now dd has put herself in her own routine of falling asleep at 8:30pm, wakes up at 3am for a feed (which I am awake for about 5mins), then she sleeps till 6:30am.

It is so fantastic that you have snuggly cuddles in the night.It is such fantastic bonding! It even happens in your sleep when you smell each other and touch each other!! Don't worry, none of this stuff lasts forever. Good luck with it all!
I just wanted to suggest co sleeping as well.. when my son was a baby co sleeping was the best, I never had to get up to feed him, he fell straight to sleep after finishing the feed, and we were all well rested in the morning. It's fantastic!

Mama to an '04 boy

When i started my bb on formula while still breastfeeding he took the avent bottles no prob. When i decided to take him off the boob, he no longer wanted the avent and i found the only teats he wanted were the orthodontic(?) tommee tippee ones. Even now, 3 months later, he will still only take thoses teats. I also play classical music all night in his room and he has slept through the night since he was 3 mth. Good luck.
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