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Change of Formula Lock Rss

Hi All,

I have just changed Mackenzie (6 months) from the Infant S-26 Gold formula to the Progress S-26 Gold formula for 6-12 months of age. I have noticed since she has been on this formula for the last couple of days she has been very chesty and coughing quite a bit. Has anyone else experienced this when changing from the 'younger' formula to the 'older' formulas? I was not sure whether to worry or just a few weeks and see if this settles. She is not showing any other signs of not taking to the formula and if anything she is sleeping much better.

Also, does anyone know how to increase feeding schedules to 3 meals a day and less bottles and how to get bubs to eat vegies?

Any help appreciated.


Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie

hi stephanie well i have a 9mth old daughter and i changed her from s26 gold to the the progress gold one i didnt have any problems but then i changed her over to heinz because it is alot cheaper and the s 26 just wasnt going anywhere. well my daughter is on 3meals a day and she snacks alot to she is only having one full bottle at night and in the morrning and i just make up 1/2 ones for the day but sometimes she dosent even drink them i think they just wean themselves off when they are ready but she has never been really keen on the bottle.
well my daughter also hated vegies when she first started but i found a lil bit of gravy does the job or other wise u could try vegemite or some cheese in with them to give abit of flavour anyway good luck seeya
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