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What is the concentration span of a 10 month old boy?


There's no easy answer to this one, because every child is different. My daughter wouldn't sit and read a book with me until she was about 14months old, whereas my son was enthralled with books from six months of age. The best thing to do is to find some simple, colourful books for very young children (books with photographs or touch-and-feel elements are great) and see how your 10-month-old goes with those. We'd suggest our range of cloth books such as <i>Fluffy Chick & Friends</i> or <i>Frog</i>, or some of the photographic books such as the <i>Happy Baby</i> series. The <i>Maisy</i> books are great too, as they feature consistent characters bright, primary colours, and simple story lines.

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The My First Bookshelf Team

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