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Letterland Lock Rss

My oldest is learning letterland at school, and I was wondering what your thoughts are about this method of teaching as not many schools are useing it.

Michelle, Melb.Vic, 3 boys 8,6,& 2 1/2.

Letterland is all about understanding that words are made up of a series of different sounds. In other words, it’s all about teaching phonetics. Some schools use Letterland and some don’t. The reason that many schools don’t use it is that the trend these days is to teach reading in a ‘whole language’ environment. Personally, I think the whole language method is better, simply because it encourages children to learn a whole word in context, rather than taking a more analytical approach, as phonetics does. Most literacy professionals advocate the whole language method. However, Letterland is certainly a fun way to learn some basics, and works well for younger children who might need that fun and visual element to stimulate their language learning.

Best wishes

The My First Bookshelf Team
Hey Michelle

Have you seen my reply in General Dis?? I think it's on about page 3 now, so if you haven't you'll have to search for it.

Gave you a prep teachers perspective on both approaches.

Cya, Dette

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

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