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Loves to read but talks and makes no sense :) Rss

Hi there,

Firstly, this is a great opportunity as I don't have many people I can chat with and those I can, are too proud and/or full of themselves to ever admit their child is not perfect to have a real conversation.

My son is almost two and while he healthy, bouncing, dancing, singing, active as a two year old would be expectied to be... he talks alot but doesn't make any sense, still grunts and points at things he wants and understands everything you say, talks back to you in paragraphs and hand expressions are fully used at the same time but no actual words except for mama, dayee (daddy).

I read to him every night and we insist on pronouncing things to him before giving him what he wants but he just laughs and has no interest in trying to speak. When he does speak, he doesn't stop babbling and telling stories directly to you but no actual words.

What do you think
Based on the information you have provided about your son I can’t detect a problem or anything that isn’t quite normal with regards speech development, particularly in boys. It appears your son can hear, make sounds and already pronounces some words however limited they may be. It isn’t even out of the realm of normal for a child not to really speak until they are nearer three though most children begin talking earlier. In some situations if parents are very interactive with a child and there are older children in the family as well, a younger child may not feel the need to speak.

Beyond providing answers to reading specific questions I cannot provide too much of an assessment about a particular child’s speech development other than to say in my experience this sounds quite a common situation.

In most instances the continued reading and interaction with words and books will pay dividends providing your son with the foundation for strong literacy skills. Sometimes it can be hard for parents to see the benefit of all the reading as children develop and respond to stimulus quite different from each other.

If you continue to be concerned about his speech development I would recommend you consult a speech therapist for a comprehensive assessment. There are private therapists or ones available through community health centres.


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AJ11, don't stress too much. My BIL didn't speak until he was nearly 3, but when he did it blew my MIL away. He said, "Look Mummy, those waves are undulating"!!!!! They'd had him at all kinds of doctors and were worried he was 'backward'. He was just storing all the information until he was ready to use it. He's now got countless degrees and was asked to join Mensa! Nothing wrong with him, he just didn't have anything to say. Goodluck with your son, I'm sure once he starts you'll wish for a moment of silence!!

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Your sons sounds fine. If his hearing is fine and he responds to your questions and tries to verbalise he sounds great.
While my daughter was a very clear, early speaker- she also did not walk until she was two. She was small and simply spent all her time talking! My son, was more similar to your son and you will probably find that after he is two he will go through various vocab. "explosions". Just the last week ( nearly two 1/2) he seems to be stringing more words together- very noisy household.
My son also used nonsense words which my daughter never did. My favourite two are "gankybot" and "dillon" no one in the house has any idea what they meant but he frequently said them. Again unlike my daughter, his pronunciation has not been as clear and he leaves many letters off words but then all children are different-even in the same family. Apparently my brother was one of those children who never say anything before two and then come out with a sentence that startles all.
Keep talking to him, singing with him, dancing and reading to him and he will be amazing.


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