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Brett and Belinda, may i make some suggestions to parents who are finding it difficult to fid topic specific books for thier children? Whilst my eldest son is nearly three and has a Dr Suess book down pat, I find that one of his farorite books is one we have made ourselves. It is constructed with magazine pictures and some of my very basic stick figure artwork. These are then accompanied with clearly written 'labels of the picture [i use his language. ie, if it is a whale picture and he calls it a fish then i write fish] Whilst my son is mainly naming pictures, i plan to allow him to create his own "stories" using this method. Kids remember the most amazing things a few short sentences about a collage you have created or even a more detailed magazine spread can be the beginning of some fantastic creativity. I do need to remid myself to ask the questions and not actually come up with the main text for the story. If ben says that the "man is fishing on the boat" then that is what i write. Good luck to all the beginning readers and their devoted parents. Tish primary/secondary teacher

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I agree with you completely Tish

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Tish has a fantastic idea here that can be adapted for numerous purposes. Her idea above of making books can be used when trying to assist your child reach different develpomental milestones like eating new food, dressing themselves,going to bed, toilet training( to a degree)starting preschool, going to the grandparents etc.
The idea is to use pictures of your child and create a happy version of your child completeing various tasks eg. bedtime routine. This can then be read with your child to help give them confidence in the new task as they see themselves in the story. Use pictures from magazines,internet etc to assist the story, your child can also help colour pages/the cover to devlop ownership( although watch out for tranfering the colouring to proper books!)


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