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My 17month old son is Obsessed with books at the moment. He has several, and comes up to me all day long, giving me the book to read to him. He also sometimes sits by himself and 'reads' through the book (flicks the pages and babbles on to himself).

I have heard this type of activity is supposed to be great for their speech. But my son only says "dada". I have just recently noticed all the other children at Mothers' group who are his age, are saying quite a few words each now.

Are there any particular types of books i should be reading to him to help stimulate his speech?


Jenn, matthew 18months, Twins EDD 5/10/06

Variety is the key. The more varied the stories and therefore the words your son will be exposed to the broader his experience of words and how to use them will become. It is always tempting to compare speech development between children but children are different and attain language at their own pace. Some children, though exposed to books and reading from an early age, may take just that little bit longer to make the leap into speech. When it does happen you will be thankful for all the stories you read and the encouragement you provided to engage your child with books and reading.

The other bit of advice I can give is to keep up the reading aloud as this exposes your son to the correct pronunciation of words. Keep up books that he is particularly interested in and always keep reading fun. The fact that he plays with books so eagerly is great and this constantly reinforces a positive relationship with ‘the book’.

Children often want the same story read over and over but do try and weave in new books.


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