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Hi there, I have 5 mth old twin girls. I am interested in getting some childrens books on twins for when they are older. Can you recommend any?

Lisa, NSW, twin girls

I highly recommend two books:

Twice as Nice, $24.95rrp,
Hardback Fraternal twins Bonnie and Ronnie take readers on a whirlwind tour of
twinship, interspersing informative segments on everything from "Where Do
Twins Come From?" to "What Are the Odds?" with amusing sections of twin riddles, advice to twins, twin interviews, and snappy answers to dumb twin questions ("Wow, am I seeing double?" "Yes, maybe you should get your eyes checked"). Also included: a retelling of the story of two of the most famous twins of all time, Jacob and Esau, and dozens of fascinating snippets about amazing twins from history and the present day, among them Castor and Pollus, Abby and Ann, and Mary-Kate and Ashley. Drawing on her own experience and thorough research, Nicole Rubel has created a book that is brimming with details, eye-popping artwork, and extensive notes on interesting Web sites and reading material.

Tiny Twosome, $14.95rrp
"Double born. Twice the blessing. Double kids. Twice the messing." Join this adorable pair of twins as they explore their new world together - captured by Thierry Courtin's irresistible pictures and Margaret O'Hair's celebratory rhyming words.

The Best Party of All, $14.95
Twins, Katie and Harry invite YOU to five of the best parties ever! This is a fun story about waiting for your birthday to come round, about dressing up, about parties and about just having fun with friends. This exciting story also has a few good little messages about wanting, being different and accepting.


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