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Hi Brett / Belinda

My 17 mth old daughter loves her books and drawing - and is forever sitting with a book near her. She is not yet talking but certainly understands everything we say - the concern is that when I read with her and try get her to point things out to me she prefers to switch roles with her doing the pointing and me doing the answering. She also does this with flashcards.

Would you have any suggestions on how we can change this (she has more than 100 books on her bookshelf so variety is not a problem)?

Camilla, VIC

I’d consider breaking this pattern that you have established with reading and try not having any pointing at all for a while. Instead of pointing things out when reading a book simply read the story. You can of course embellish the words and springboard off into anecdotes of other stories that come to mind particularly if there is an aspect of a story that has particular personal resonance. Involve your child in this process and encourage them (playfully) to link stories to pats of their frame of reference.

You have the variety of stories already at hand now it’s about introducing a variety in the way you interact with the books and what books mean.


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