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Hi I guess this more of a comment than a question. I have observed that my son (15 months) is more interactive with his book when there are photos of animals or objects rather than colourful pictures. I think perhaps he recognises them more, and therefore reacts to the photos with the sounds they make more.

Are there more photo type hard cover books on the market. We have the baby einstein neighbourhood animal book which im glad to say is wearing thin from him constantly reading and looking at it.

Peta, VIC, 2 beautiful boys

The photographic children's picture book was given new life in the nineties by publisher Dorling Kindersley. They have an extensive range of children's books with their trademark photo images on a white background. I would have a look at their website and follow the prompts to the publisher's Australian site. You can search for particular books and then follow-up with your preferred bookseller.


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My boys love the 'bright baby' collection.They get read a hundred times a day. They have 'animals', 'first words', 'trucks' and 'colours'

my boys also love these ones, we have the animals and trains.

goodluck with your choice!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

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