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Best books for improving comprehension Lock Rss

I'm mum of 3 year old with comprehension problems - where, why, what, when, etc... and colours are all difficult for my daughter. Are there any books that can help?


My general answer to your question is that reading aloud to your child and sharing a diverse range of picture books will help your daughter improve her literacy skills and her powers of concentration and comprehension. I’d keep the books simple, with limited text and bold clear illustrations. You might also try to weave in your own storytelling by using the text to springboard off into other stories that might link in with things and experiences familiar to your daughter. This can help by gently prodding her powers of association and memory. It is most important however that you ensure these books interest your daughter and provide her with entertainment.

There is a temptation sometimes to use books as tools in a lesson and this can be a pitfall because children soon pickup if they are being taught rather than just read to.

Of course some children actually have an ongoing problem discerning colours and certain words and this can be attributed to other issues. If you would like further advice or an assessment you should contact your doctor or local area health centre for guidance.


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