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i was wondering what the age was that babies start to walk because i have an 11 month old daughter who isn't walking yet and starngers keep telling me that i need to get her checked because she should be walking and she's not.

and i was also wondering what type of beeks i could read to her i'm an avid reader and was reading on my own at about 2-and-a-half i don't want to make my daughter think that thats what she should do but i do want her to get a head start in life.

Reading experts encourage parents to start reading to their children from the day they are born. The brain develops at a phenomenal rate during the first twelve months of life making it the perfect time to introduce stories. Very young children may not instantly show the results of early exposure to books and they do have a limited concentration span, however they are taking on board patterns for literacy development.

I recommend reading books at this stage that have lots of bold images and simple fun stories. Rhyme is great for entertainment value as are books with textures and sounds. You might try cloth books and board books so that your child can play with them without destroying each book.

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