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My son is nearly 20 months, and I was wondering when I can start familiarising him with the alphabet, and helping him to recognise the letters? Some children in my parent group can already recognise some of the letters of the alphabet, and pronounce the names. I do not believe in pushing my child too much, but at the same time, I would like him to be learning as much about our world as he can. He can name some objects and listen to and follow simple instructions, and he will look at books with me. I would like to expand and build on the learning he has already acquired. Have you got any ideas for starting to teach the alphabet so that it is fun and engaging for a toddler?

Thank you.

SA, 2 boys

Thanks for your email. It's never too early to start teaching your child the building blocks of reading if you feel they are ready for it - and he will soon let you know if he isn't! Singing the alphabet is always great and, of course, books are perfect. You might like to have a look at books such as <i>BABY'S BUSY WORLD</i> which has photographs of babies, common scenarios in a baby's day, words, rhymes, etc. Fun alphabet books are perfect too, such as <i>Kipper's A-Z, ABC Zoo or Happy Baby ABC</i> (the Happy Baby series is great for this age group). Hope you find this helpful.

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