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just have a quick question or 2, when should you start reading to your child? at what age? and what books??

i was looking at the interactive leap pad book things that are electronic and make noises etc, but was unsure if it was too early (9 month old girl). and there were so many dfferent ones i had no idea


just curious,

Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi Aimee

Thanks for your email. It's never too early to start reading to your child.

Research shows that the earlier children are involved with reading and books, the better it is. In terms of what sort of books you should read, we'd suggest, for your 9 month old daughter, that you try books with lots of rhyme, word patterns, and bright pictures. You might like to have a look at books like BOO TO A GOOSE and WHERE IS THE GREEN SHEEP by Mem Fox. Also, books with simple concepts and books that mirror your child's world are good for this age. Try the HAPPY BABY series and BABY'S BUSY WORLD. These books all have photographs which are very appealing for young children.

Interactive books are good too, as they help a child feel more involved with the reading experience.

Hope this helps.
Brett and Belinda

The <a href="">My First Bookshelf</a> Team
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