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My husband and i have a 2mths old son, we would like to start trying for another baby in the new year, do you still ovulate if you dont have your period - well the question what are the chances that i fall preg if i am not on the pill but am breastfeeding? i was on the pill for 10yrs and fell preg with my son 2 mths after going off the pill but am scared that we were just lucky and that the second time will take a lot longer - sorry sounds silly but thats how i feel
I'm 16 weeks pregnant and still breastfeeding my first baby. It sometimes hurts a bit on days that I'm feeling sensitive, but otherwise I love it. My sister also fell pregnant breastfeeding after 13 months with no periods. I have a friend who fell pregnant while still fully breastfeeding twins, so don't trust breastfeeding as a contraceptive!
On the other hand, I know people who couldn't fall pregnant because they were breastfeeding, so I guess it's different for each woman.
thank you i spose we are all different hey!

Thank you for your enquiry. Many women do not ovulate or have periods when fully breast feeding. When your baby starts to take solids this can change and you are more likely to ovulate, this happens around 6 months. It really depends on your body as to when you will become fertile again, everyone is different.

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