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I have been trying since jan for baby #2 and I fell pregnant only to m/c last month at 4 wks. Many people I have known who has had a m/c have fallen pregnant the following month. Do you think there is a greater chance of falling pregnant following a m/c or is it the same odds as any other month?
I had a miscarriage in 2001 ( just after 9/11) and didn't fall pregnant for 2 years. It is such a stress as each month you are just hoping that your period doesn't arrive and, yep, there it is again! When I finally fell pregnant with my son, I actually started bleeding at 4 weeks and 3 days, so if I hadn't known that I was pregnant from a blood test, I would have assumed I was late and I was NEVER late.
Don't stress yourself. Just give your body time to heal. My doctor told me that it can take up to 3 months for you body to settle.
I do hope that it happens for you soon though and that all will be well.

Janet, mummy to Duncan (5) and Isla (3)


Thank you for your enquiry. Having a miscarriage does not affect you fertility, the same chances exist of falling pregnant the next month. You are also still at risk of miscarrying if you do fall pregnant very soon after miscarrying.

Best wishes,

NSW Midwives Association
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