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hubby & i have been ttc for 12mths now, I've been to my doc but he just says that it takes time & he doubts there is anything wrong with me. We have 3 other children the youngest being 19mths, we had no trouble concieving them at all, our last was delivered c-section as i had low lying placenta & they found a cyst on my ovary that they removed also. Since having Indiana my periods have been painful & heavier, my doc put me on Ponstan which has helped alittle,but i am frustrated its taking so long to fall pregnant this time, do you think i need blood tests done to check my hormone levels? I'm also finding i'm alot more tired and find myself dozing of all the time.Hoping you can give some advice to us

Thank you for your enquiry. Once a couple has been trying to conceive for 12 months or more without success there needs to be more investigations. However, if you were breastfeeding in that time you may not have been fertile. If you are not happy with one doctor’s reply please get a second opinion.

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