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Age, vbac and should I try for another??? Lock Rss

Hi. I'm 42 years old and I have two children (3 and 1). I had an emergency caesarean with my first child and a completely natural and trouble free birth with my second (couldn't ask for better - less than an hour of strenuous contractions and there she was!). My question is this...would I be able to have a third child naturally or would my age now count against this. I am in reasonable health, but just unsure of how much stress the scar would be under second time around. I keep thinking how lucky I am to have the two I have, but I just love them so much and would love to have more.

Janet, mummy to Duncan (5) and Isla (3)


Thank you for your enquiry. It is difficult for me to determine your level of fertility. After 40 generally fertility does decline but you have had 2 children fairly recently without any problems so you may be fine. If you have successfully had a VBAC then you should have no problem with subsequent pregnancies and births.

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NSW Midwives Association
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