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Water Aerobic Lock Rss


I'm now 18 weeks, and attended my first Water Aerobics class last night. I told the instructor that I was pregnant and she gave me a few pointers so that I wouldn't hurt myself. It’s a shallow water class and there was a lot of running on the spot. Because my stomach is getting larger now, I was finding that it was wobbling a lot and felt that I needed to hold on to it! Some of the other mums there said that the baby would have loved it, but I was actually a bit concerned, and wanted some reassurance that all that jumping around was ok. I can't say I went too hard in the class, only because I didn't know what to expect. But it was fun, and apart from the running on the spot I actually enjoyed it. So I really just need some reassurance at the moment... Thanks smile
it will be fine smile

baby is very safe and secure in all that amniotic fluid - to baby it would just feel like a gentle rocking motion which would probably put him/her to sleep!

and being in the water yourself, its not like you are putting any direct pressure on your belly - i would not be worried at all.


Thank you for your enquiry. It is always advisable to inform the instructor of your pregnancy so that they can adjust the exercises to suit. If you are feeling uncomfortable about some of the exercises then it is best to do another one at that time – like stretches so that you continue to enjoy the class. Exercise is essential during pregnancy and it is good to find something that you can continue during your pregnancy.

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NSW Midwives Association
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