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Hi, I am 12 weeks pregnant. Saw my OB 2 weeks ago and told him that at 7 weeks I had temperature of 38C for 4 consecutive days controlled by Panadol. then again had temperature of 38.2C at 9 weeks for 3 days again controlled by Panadol every 4 hours. My OB has said that there is a possibility that baby is at risk of spina bifida...and not to annouce preg until after my 16 week blood test results. Is this possible ???/ very stressed and worried.

Hi Georgia,

Thank you for your enquiry. If you do experience high temperatures during pregnancy for an extended period, you are at risk of a miscarriage at that time. Spina bifida is caused by a lack of Folic acid in your diet not high temperatures. Women are advised to take folic acid a few months before a planned pregnancy and for the first 3 months of pregnancy to try to prevent spina bifida. You may need to seek a second opinion from you GP or another specialist to double check your symptoms.

Best wishes,

NSW Midwives Association
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How did your pregnancy go? Did your baby have Spina bifida? I am in the same boat but I am 5 weeks pregnant.
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