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Staples or stitches? Lock Rss

I have had two previous C-sections, and am up for my 3rd in a different hospital. I have been told that they mainly use staples where as I had dissolvable stitches for the first two. I just want to know if staples will hurt more cos they have to be removed? or if I am stressing over nothing cos I really don't like the idea of having more pain than I already will have to deal with... Also I have been told (it is just heresay so I'm curious) that the staples can have more chance to cause infection in the exterior wound? sorry for asking so much info in one thing but I figured better to get it all in than remember something later...

okay I won't bother to wait for a reply here... I posted over a week ago
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Thank you for your enquiry. Using staples is really the surgeon’s choice so discuss this with your doctor. The staples can pinch a little but removing them is usually quite easy and causes minimal discomfort. They are no more likely to cause infections than any other type of suture material.

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My c-sect was glued. Is this common for obs to do so?
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