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Twins Lock Rss

I'm expecting twins next March and was wondering what the city hospitals usually do in the way of births. Can you have a natural labour or do they recommend a c-section?

Also is there anyway that you can insure that both babies are a healthy weight besides the obvious of eating well and not smoking?

Many thanks.

mum of 1


Thank you for your enquiry. It really depends on your choice of health care professional as to the type of birth you may experience. The first option
for a most 'intervention-free' birth is with an independent midwife. You can contact the <a href="">Australian Society for Independent Midwives</a> to find a midwife in your area. An independent midwife can provide all services for your birth or you can negotiate the care that you require, such as birth support, antenatal care, or postnatal care. Secondly, it is worthwhile contacting the major hospital's birth centres to check if they accept twins as they are your next best bet for a natural birth. If they don't accept twins, you
could enquire after doctors that use a more natural approach. Remember that it is your choice as to the care that you choose. It is a good idea to make
an enquiry early as birth centres are quite popular and places go quickly.

Best wishes,


<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>

Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.

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