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Hi there,
I'm 35wks and 2 days pregnant and last week I was told that my baby's tummy was bigger than normal for babies her age. Her body structure is in line with her age but at the moment her weight is that of a full-term baby...7.4 pounds. My first Glucose Tolerance Test back in week 28 was normal and so because of baby's current weight and size of her tummy, I had to do another GTT last week which surprisingly enough showed that I was border-line gestational diabetes. My doctor reckoned that this has only just happened and baby's weight may be more contributed to genetics rather than the diabetes. If this was the case, wouldn't her weight be evenly distributed throughout her body rather than be centralised around her tummy? If it is due to the onset of gestational diabetes, can her weight gain happen this fast and will having a big tummy harm my baby? I would rather have her out early than have her big tummy put a strain on her other major organs like her kidneys, liver, heart, etc... My doctor has referred me to the Diabetic Clinic for assessment of which I have an appointment tomorrow.

I've been worried about my baby all week. Your thoughts/advice would be most appreciative.

Thank you for your enquiry. Gestational diabetes affects the growth of your baby by providing too much sugar to the baby, which in turn makes a baby get bigger much faster than normal. It can be controlled usually through the mother's diet and sometimes with the assistance of insulin injections. I am not sure if your baby's tummy size is due to Gestational diabetes or some other condition or it may be just due to the bigger size of your baby for
her age. Until further investigations have been completed, your baby is still much better off where she is. Gestational diabetes can affect the baby's lung development as well and some babies require some extra help with breathing when born. Birth weights do tend to be genetic - if you or your
partner were big babies, then your baby is more likely to be above average but Gestational Diabetes also causes large babies.

Best wishes,


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