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I am 3 months pregnant with my third child. I have found that I am eating like a horse, but if I dont eat every 2 hours and especially before I go to bed at night then I get these aweful headaches and feel really sick. I cant even lift my head off the pillow in the morning.

This didn't happen with my other two pregnancy. I have really love blood pressure 80/60 and the doctor said that could be contributing to it. Could it be my blood sugar levels or something like that.


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Thank you for your enquiry. Your headaches can definitely be related to low blood pressure. It is also quite safe to take paracetamol during pregnancy and this may help. Try to drink plenty of fluids and eat small frequent meals. You probably will find that everything will ease off soon as your pregnancy progresses and your hormone levels stabilize a bit. It is probably nothing to do with blood sugar levels. You may be having a baby of a different sex or even twins or it could just be that every pregnancy is different.

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