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Pregnancy after Miscarage Lock Rss

Hi there,

Have a question.

I had a miscarage at 5 1/2 weeks, and 3 weeks later i was pregnant again.

What dates do i go from?

Hi Christine,
Thank you for your enquiry. The question from me is: did you have a period following the miscarriage? Some women do have periods almost straight after the miscarriage and then you can use the first day of that period as the LMP. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing if you had the miscarriage and then didn’t stop bleeding for a few weeks and you are not too sure if you had a period too. Did you notice the bleeding getting any heavier during this time? If you don’t think that you can remember a period then it may be best to have an ultrasound to check the dates – this is best done a little later as it is more reliable as they can see a bit more. You can also try to be aware of your pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, as this is also an indication of how far pregnant you are.
Best wishes,
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