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Hi I am extremley confused about my sister in laws dates with her pregnancy. Her last menstrual period was on the 1st of August and she has a 21 day cycle. We did a pregnancy test on the 22nd of August and that came up positive. She did three more after this in the following fortnight and they all showed up positive as well. She also had a blood test done 4 weeks ago that confirmed how far along she was. She should be 9 weeks 5 days today but went for an ultrasound this morning and was told there is no heart beat yet as she is only 6 weeks 1 day. The sonographer said she's not positive but there may be a chance she is carrying twins as she saw two of something, (obviously sacs.) If this is so that she is carrying twins as non identical twins do run in the family, she took a pregnancy test 8 weeks ago that showed up positive on the 22nd of August when she shouldn't even be pregnant for another 2-3 weeks. Can this be possible because twins grow slower in the beginning and arn't showing up clear. I assumed when I heard the news is that she should be 9 weeks 5 days and that the baby / babies died 3 weeks 4 days ago and that's why there is no heart beat there, that she has had a missed abortion. Please help me shed some light on this situation. She is going for another ultrasound in 2 weeks to sort it out but I'm so worried for her I want to find out.

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Thank you for your enquiry. If you are sure that your sister in law has regular and reliable periods, then this is the best date to go from. Early ultrasounds do have problems due to the size of the baby. There may however be some reason for the baby to not be the right size as expected and a missed abortion is possible. Twins grow at the same rate as a single baby so this is not the reason. You can ask her if she is experiencing any morning sickness, as this is a good sign. Hopefully, everything will be sorted at the next ultrasound but unfortunately sometimes there are problems. Midwives don’t usually recommend early ultrasounds for this very reason, they cause confusion and undue anxiety. An ultrasound is a great method if having a good look at the baby to check for any obvious signs of problems or abnormalities with the baby and this is best done at around 18 weeks. It cannot detect everything.
Best wishes in the weeks ahead,

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