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I think i might have postnatal depression my daughter is 2 and a half months and for the last 7 weeks i have been feeling depressed i have been to two doctors and one of them asked me if i wanted to put her up for adoption and they just made me feel really bad so i havent been back since. I feel tired and i also feel like i dont love my baby and that when she gets older shes gana hate me because her dad left me. I dont no what to do is it normal to feel like this? I also think it might have some thing to do with my age because im only 16 friends of mine have babies one of them has 2 and they dont feel like this so why do i? Please help me

QLD, 2mth baby

Thank you for your enquiry. It can be very difficult trying to raise a child on your own and many women that have supportive partner feel the same way as you do. There are also lots of hormonal changes in the months following birth that can make you feel a bit strange. All of the feelings that you are experiencing are normal and very common, especially in the early days of motherhood. There is so much for you to learn and lots of changes to make and you never seem to be able to get enough sleep. It is also common to blame yourself for everything – even the father. Try not to, it is important that you look after yourself and then you can care for your baby.
Do you visit a young Mum’s group? These are great support for new mums and they can also provide access to professionals that can help you if you think that you are feeling more down than normal. Try contacting your Early Childhood Health Centre (under E in the white pages). Also the hospital where you gave birth should be able to provide you with some information about centres and support groups in your area. It is definitely worth trying to get some help and support as it sounds as if you want to enjoy being a Mum and sometimes this is all that you need.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>

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