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i've just found out that i'm prenant with my second my son is almost 2 i had an emergency c-section as he was under stress. people have tolod me i can still have a natural birth but i am terrified, i don't want to go hours in labour only to have a c-section.
can you please explain the risks of both.

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Thank you for your enquiry. If you had a caesarian section for the baby’s distress, then there is no indication that you need a repeat caesarian at your next birth. A caesarian section is a major surgical operation that should be only attended when there is a real medical indication. The possible complications include; bleeding and clots being formed in your blood, increased pain following the birth and a longer recovery time. A vaginal delivery is the expected mode of birth for a healthy mother and baby. It is designed to prepare the baby for life outside and the mother recovers very quickly from the birth. A vaginal birth does take a lot longer to happen but your body needs this time to be ready for the birth. During the early stages of labour it is important for a woman not to get too tired, to be well-hydrated and to be fed. If a woman does not prepare for this stage the baby can suffer as the labour progresses. No one can really predict what will happen during childbirth but if a woman and her family are well-prepared and they feel comfortable in their surroundings, the outcomes can be much better.
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Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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