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haemorrhoids?? Lock Rss

hi ,I am 26 weeks preg , I get pains in my but some days werse than others, I went to see the doctor about it she couldnt see anything when she had a look with the light, I was told last year I had some not so bad ones on the outer, I have no bleeding,. I gogt this pain the first 2 days of my period as well . what could it be??


Thank you for your enquiry. If the pain is at your actual anus this is more than likely haemorrhoids and they can also be inside your anus and not visible on the outside. You can get medication from your pharmacist to treat the haemorrhoids and you need to use the cream inside your anus too. Pregnant women can also experience nerve pain in their buttocks (in the cheeks); this is where the nerve is pinched due to increasing pressure and movement in this area. This pain usually also runs down one or both legs. Besides resting and postural changes there is no treatment for this condition but it goes away once the baby is born. Try to describe in detail the pain that you are experiencing to your doctor (or go to a different doctor) and they should be able to sort it out.

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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>

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