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Natural labour vs induced labour Lock Rss

I am expecting my fourth child in a couple of weeks, and was wondering what the chances are of going into labour naturally were. My other three pregnancies were induced, the first at 37 weeks due to pre-eclampsia - this labour took 27 hours, the second at 38 weeks due to severe vomiting and dehydration - this took 13 hours and the third took about 5 hours (this labour used both the gel and then a drip) and was induced due to myself having an injury. My concern is that my body wont know how to go into labour itself and I will be overdue and have to be induced again, or otherwise I will go into labour and not know the signs, I feel like a first time mum all over again, the only difference is I know what labour feels like. Will my body go into labour when its ready or am I likely to need to be induced once the 40 weeks are up?

Mum of 13,11, 7 & 5 mth boys, girl sleeping abov


Thank you for your enquiry. Your body will know how to go into labour itself. Try to have a bit of rest, eat well and also take some regular exercise, such as walking and yoga, and your body will be fine. Have faith in yourself! If the labour doesn’t happen and you do need to be induced, then your body will definitely perform.

Best wishes in the weeks ahead,

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