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hi i am currently 37 and a half weeks pregnant. for about the last 4 to 6 weeks i have been having this pain in my vaginal area. it feels as though i am dilatating but then i am not sure. and sometimes when i go to the toilet in have mucus on my underwear is this something i should be concerned about? i always forget about it when i see the doctor at antenatal. Another question is are you able to get induced at 38 weeks?

Thank you for your enquiry. Late in pregnancy, it is common to experience pressure in the vagina. This is due to the increase in size of the baby and your body preparing for the birth. The increase in mucous is also normal and is to be expected. If there is any itching or pain with the discharge it should be checked by your doctor. A human pregnancy is meant to last on average 40 weeks, and this is the optimum time for the baby and your body. It is best not to try to force a birth to come early unless there are strong medical concerns for the mother or baby. If these issues arise, your medical team will discuss your options with you and an induction may be offered. If you start to try to alter your body’s clock you may run into problems.

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