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I've had problems with constipation long before I had kids but never had problems with piles that involved pain when seated. I've been really good with my food and am regular but am now having pains when seated. The strange thing is the pain is not at the anus, its up at my tailbone and hurts most when I move to stand up. I'm not preg at the moment but don't know where else to post this question. The problem didn't start until my twins were about 6mo, when I really increased my pelvic floor exercises. Is it possible I'm doing the pc's wrong, or should I check if I did damage with my last birth?

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Thank you for your enquiry. You may have sustained some damage to your tail bone during the birth of your twins or the pain could also be related to haemorrhoids. Perhaps you could be checked by your GP to see if the haemorrhoids are enlarged or inflamed and also to have your tail bone checked and maybe x-rayed. You may need some different exercises or extra treatment to assist your discomfort.

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