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When I had my daughter (vaginally with no tear or stitches, but some grazing), no one warned me about how much it hurts to wee afterward (except the midwife, just before I had to go to the toilet for the first time). I had to take urinary alkalisers for 5 day after the birth, but weeing was as bad/ if not worse than actually giving birth. A midwife suggested squirting salty warm water on after going to the toilet, which helped take the stinging away, but I still had the pain while going. Is this normal (the midwife said it is for a day or so), and if so, why is it not more publicised?


Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if your grazes were very close to the urethra (where the wee comes out) and this can cause a lot of pain. The grazes occur in different areas in women so the symptoms are not all the same. The good news is that it is usually only temporary and that area has a great blood supply and heals quickly. Your urine is also quite concentrated after birth and your perineum is also quite swollen so this doesn’t help. It can take a week or so for the pain to ease as it takes that long to heal. Another way to help ease the pain is to urinate in the shower. This is quite normal and now that the pain has gone, it is unlikely to occur at another birth.

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