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Swollen Ankles (KANKLES!) no.2 Lock Rss

Hi ther its me again i wanted to just check in and ask about my ankles again i am now 35wks preg and finished up work. Every day even if i am just taking it easy my ankles r still very swollen (hands slightly but i havent even had to take my rings off from that yet) i do put my feet up. Surely there is something else that can be done (I cant sit all day with my feet up watchin telly and stuffing my face). They are so bad and huge even when i sleep at night when i get up they are still just as swollen. What can i do PLZ help oh and is it normal for them to be itchy is that because of the swelling?

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Thank you for your second enquiry. Now that the weather is warmer and your pregnancy has progressed, your situation is more difficult. When resting, try to raise your legs above your heart (try lying against a wall with your legs up for a short period), ask your partner to massage them if this helps and cool baths may also help. You also need to walk regularly as this helps the circulation (a nice long walk). The itchiness is due to the swelling. Also ask your health carers for some more tips. It is not too much longer now and then you will be more than occupied with a beautiful bundle.

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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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