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hiya smile I had an ultrasound at nine weeks and i am now 15 weeks, last week when I was 14 weeks i had my visit with my doctor and he said my baby was sitting at 16 weeks. . so now i am confused. . Do you think when I went for my ultrasound my baby was just small for its age at all. .
Thank you for your enquiry. Quite often there are differences with your dates in pregnancy. The date that the baby is due is called an “estimated” date and the actual birth date can vary from 38 – 42 weeks (4 weeks difference). The most reliable date to use when you are pregnant is from the first day of your last period. Ultrasounds can be quite unreliable, especially early ones. The routine ultrasound that is normally done is at 18 – 19 weeks and this tends to be more accurate. Remember too that all babies are born with varying weight – between 2.5kg & 4.5kg – so some must grow a bit quicker than others in order to get so big.
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