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I have been spotting for over a week now i have been to my doctor who sent me to get an ultra sound which showed that the baby had a heartrate 120 bpm but it so showed a small quantity of blood which was 9mm in diameter my doctor did not explain what this means, i was wanting to know if you could explain it to me.

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Thank you for your enquiry. It is really hard for me to know what the doctor is talking about. You don’t say how far pregnant you are? Sometimes during pregnancy you can get a bleed around or behind the placenta. It depends how far pregnant you are and the size of the bleed as to how much of a problem it is. If it is only small and the baby is growing well and over 20weeks and it settles very quickly, there is usually no problem. If it is early and the bleeding continues, there is a greater risk of further problems developing. I hope that this provides a bit more information for you.
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