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Sharp Shooting Pains?????? Lock Rss

Hi there i was wondering if you would be able to tell me what is going on for the past few days i have been getting these very painful sharp shooting pains(sort of like a stitch or maybe that lightning pain they talk about) right down through my abdomen and vagina. Some times they take my breath away. They only last a split second and i some times crunch ova as a reflex to the pain. What is causing this? it happens when Im standing alot more so than when I'm sitting and when it happens when I'm sitting the bub is usually moving around.It is a little off putting when I'm not at home if I'm out some where i cant help but react to the pains and people look at me with concern and worry. My partner is also worried about me as it is becoming more frequent and it really does HURT. THANX 4 your time.

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Thank you for your enquiry. Sometimes in pregnancy you can experience some unusual aches and pains. These are most commonly caused by the increasing size of the uterus putting pressure on a nerve or on a ligament. The discomfort is usually only temporary and if you can identify the position that you are in when it happens then it is best to try to avoid this position or situation. You really need to mention this to your medical team so that they can check you over properly and they may be able to suggest some things to help. It is great to hear that the baby is active as this is a good sign that she is happy.
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