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Symphsis pubis dysfunction Lock Rss


I am 24 weeks and have just been diagnosed with SPD. I have a toddler whom is 27mths. I am finding it very difficult to rest, due to pain and my little man getting into everything. I have been advised not to lift him. I am also finding it hard to walk.
Will this pain get worse as i still have a while to go? If so will i be put in hospital or bed rest? My doctor told me i have this and then told me nothing about it.
I am a bit stressed and very confused as i am having trouble finding info on this.
Any advice or info will be helpful
Thank you for your enquiry. Your medical team should advise you on the treatment that is best for you. You may need to see a Physiotherapist who will show you some exercises or positions to try. Some can offer a supportive brace or a walking frame to try to ease the stress on your pelvis and your pain. Try to ask as many questions as you can of your health professionals, even write them down before you go so that you are prepared.

Best wishes in the weeks ahead,
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