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I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and am worried about the movements I am feeling.

When I first started to feel my baby move it was more kicking and she tended to kick me alot. But over the past few weeks I dont tend to feel her kick me as mcuh maybe 10 times a day. However I do feel her move around all the time, and you can see her move when you look at my tummy.

Is this normal to be feeling less kicking and more moving at this stage? I keep thinking to myself it could be because she does not have much room to move inside, is that the case?


Thank you for your enquiry. As your baby gets bigger the movements change from the rolling movements to more stretching movements. The baby has less room to move so you tend to just feel the legs and arms reaching out rather than actual full body movements. The baby also has sleep periods and active periods. You also notice movements more after a meal or if you are sitting quietly. It sounds as if you have a fairly active and healthy baby which is great.

Best wishes,

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