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Hi Alex
Was just wondering if you could tell me if it is normal to get really dizzy, really often, during pregnancy??
In my first trimester i would get dizzy alot, but i had low blood pressure and my doctor said it was because of that.
Then in my second trimester, when my blood pressure was back to normal, i would still get dizzy but not as often and it wouldnt be so bad.
Im now 30 weeks. At my 24 and 28week checkups i had high blood pressure, but yesterday when i seen a midwife for my checkup my blood pressure was fine. The last week or two i have been having alot of dizzy spells and i feel like if i dont sit down really quickly, i'll fall down. The midwife said i may feel dizzier from 28weeks as baby is affecting my blood supply. But im not working and try to keep the amount of housework i do to a minimum so im not rushing around. But i dont sit down for too long at a time either, i try to get up and walk around for a while during the day too. I drink 2L+ water a day. Is there anything else i can do to stop the dizzy spells?? Some days i feel like i just cant get up at all...

Thank you for your enquiry. It is quite common in pregnancy to get dizzy, especially if you are standing for long periods or get up quickly from lying or sitting to standing. It is also related to blood pressure, hormone and fluid levels. Heat can also affect your well being during pregnancy. It is probably best to mention this to your carers to see if there is another reason but it may just be your body’s reaction to pregnancy and you may have to learn how best to manage it and hopefully the dizziness will lessen as your pregnancy progresses.

Best wishes,

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