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hi i was just wanting to ask a rather embarrassing question. i am currently pregnant i only have a few weeks to go. when i was in labour last time something embarrassing happened. when the midwife was telling me to push i actually poohed. :S i was wondering if this is normal as i havent read anything about this and i am worried it might happen again. and it is rather embarrassing. help.
Thank you for your enquiry. It is very common to have a bowel motion during birth. Often in early labour the increased pressure on the bowel causes a bowel motion but sometimes there is more especially when you start to bear down. The muscles that you use to poo are the same as the ones to get the baby out. All you can do is to ensure that you are not constipated – eat a diet with increased fibre and drink plenty of water. If you are mobile during labour, the bowel should empty earlier in labour. Don’t worry about it too much as your carers are not concerned as it is a good sign that everything is going as normal.

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