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Feeling horrible!! Lock Rss

Hi Alex,
I was just wondering that if you can get morning sickness near the end of your pregnancy as well as at the beginning. I am 33 weeks and cant keep any food down.
Another quick question I have had this dull pain in the bottom of my stomack. It feels like period pain and some times it becomes a fast sharp stabbing pain that shoots down into my vagina. It is really painful and it only ever lasts for a few seconds but some ime afterwards my vagina is sore for a few hours afterwards.
Im really worried. Should I go see my GP

Amy - Holly 05.11.02 (Baby #2 edd 01.01.06!)


Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, sometimes if you had a decent case of morning sickness early in pregnancy it does return later in the pregnancy but it is usually not as severe. Stabbing pain is quite often associated with the pressure of the pregnancy pinching a nerve. This is quite common
and usually is short term. However it is best to be check over by your GP to see if the 2 are related and to ensure that you have no underlying problems.

Best wishes,

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