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Why do I feel different in my second pregnancy? Lock Rss

With my first pregnancy I was in hospital at 5.5 weeks with servere morning sickness. The sickness did not pass until 7 months. I am newly pregnant again (6.5 weeks) and only feel fatigued all the time. While I am not wanting to go through the servere morning sickness ever again I can't help but think back to the kind doctors and nurses looking after me the first time saying that at least it was a good sign that the pregnancy would suceed as my hormones were causing the sickness. Now I am (stupidly) worrying what a lack of sickness could mean. At what stage does 'normal' MS usually kick in. (Both my pregnancies were fill IVF cycles).


Thank you for your enquiry. Every pregnancy is different. Morning sickness usually kicks in around 6 weeks, as the hormone levels increase that help to sustain the pregnancy. It may be different this time for several reasons.

Firstly, your body has done this before, so the changes are not so dramatic. Secondly, there is a theory that one sex may affect you more than the other sex, so you may be having a baby of a different sex. Thirdly, you may still experience some morning sickness but it may be less severe and at different stages of the pregnancy. Tiredness is also a sign of pregnancy, as is breast tenderness, passing urine frequently and nausea. Try not to worry too much.

Best wishes,


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