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hi i had a beautiful baby boy 8 weeks ago by ceasearian my second and on my discharge papers it said i had a post partum heamorage if this occured would i have been told because no one said anything to me when i was in hospital so i thought it may have been a mistake? also it said i had ragged membranes what does that mean? i was at 41 weeks when i had the ceaser i wanted to have him naturally but wasnt allowed. i want to have another baby in a few years but need to know if i can try for a natural birth or plan a ceasearian my partner wants to have a large family but if i cant have a baby naturally i wont be able to have many more. thanks for your help
Thank you for your enquiry. Congratulations on your expanding family! It may be worth checking back at the hospital to be sure that you did have a post partum hemorrhage (PPH) and they haven’t made a mistake. If you did have a PPH then, yes, you should have been informed. You may need to have your iron levels checked as these can drop if you lose a lot of blood during birth. Ragged membranes mean that when the placenta was checked following birth, the sac that surrounded the baby was a bit ragged. In other words there may have been a bit of the membrane left behind – this is quite common with caesarian births. It is nothing to worry about but your carers needed to be aware as you were at a slightly higher risk of bleeding more after birth. Everything should be sorted out by now but you should check how much blood you lost after the birth. You don’t really give a reason for the Caesarian, so it is hard for me to assess if you are going to need another next time. You need to discuss this with your doctor and if you are not happy with his decision, you can go elsewhere for another opinion. If there is no underlying reason for the caesarian, you can try next time for a vaginal birth.

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