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pushed for 3 hours help!!! Lock Rss

Hi well ill tell you my story first then ask you my question.I had a 13 hr 1st stage labour and a 3 hr secong stage labour.about 1/2 an hour before i was 10 cm dialated they didnt check but gave me a spinal block and epidural then checked and said i was 10 cm dialated and that i could push.I pushed so hard for 2 1/2 hours and i wasnt getting very far they could see the head but didnt seem to come out.So in the end they had to pull my baby out with vaccum.I was just wondering are they suppose to give you an epidural / spinal block so late and would this have made me not be able to push why did it take so long to come out and is there a possibility of this happening again?

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Thank you for your enquiry. It is always difficult to assess a good time to have epidural anaesthesia. A woman, having her first baby, in established labour can take around 18 hours (on average) to reach full dilatation. Sometimes this can be even longer. Your medical team may have thought that you still had a fair amount of time to go and saw that you were distressed. If they thought that you would soon be ready to push, they more than likely would not have offered an epidural. Having an epidural anaesthetic increases a woman’s chances of an instrumental birth because the decreased sensation decreases the effectiveness of pushing. This occurrence is much higher in first time mothers. So your birth experience next time around is probably going to be much different from your first. You should be pleasantly surprised and be able to have a quicker first and second stage and be able to push your baby out unassisted.

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