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had one premie baby will i have another Lock Rss

I had my 3rd son who was 8 wks prem and is now 12mths old.

we decided not to have another due to the stress it brought to our family but then decicded 4 kids would be great, and i am now pregnant.
(aproxx 6wks)

they found no reason to why i had him prem

Will thier be a higher risk on me having another?
would it be earler again.?

Im just so worries about having another and it its even more prem.
It was so hard to deal with him being premie, thankfull with docs help and hosptia;s we only had him in hospital for 3 wks.

what can i do to help mimimize the risk??
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, there is an increased risk of you having a prem baby again. You don’t say if your other children were early. If they were on time, then there is less of a risk but if they couldn’t find a reason for the early birth, then they can’t prevent it happening again. You may have had some underlying infection or the placenta may have not been functioning as well as it should. The best way to try to prevent an early birth this time is to ensure that you look after yourself – have a healthy diet, get adequate rest, regular exercise. Also it is important to see your health care professionals for your check-ups.
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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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