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still breech? Lock Rss

My baby has been head down since 20 weeks, then at my 33 week scan I was told baby is breech. I had an ob appointment a week later and still breech. I've tried breech tilts and am sure I felt the baby turning. My belly has dropped since I felt the baby turning, but I can't obviously be sure. I wanted to know if you can tell what way the baby is lying by where I feel hiccups. Baby has hiccups sometimes three or four times a day and I can feel them coming from right down low in my pelvis and you can see my belly jumping down there. Don't hiccups come from the mouth which means babies head is down?

Please shed some light if you can.

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Thank you for your enquiry. It would be great if your baby has turned but the only way to be sure is to be checked by your health professional. They can tell by feeling the baby or they could use an ultrasound to be sure. Hiccups in babies can cause their entire body to move so it is not a reliable way to check. You can try to notice where the baby kicks as this is thought to be a better indication.
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