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I am now on my 4th preg, and have now quicky developing carpul tunnel again.
( never had it with my last 2 kids)
it is comimng on very sever and quick and really painful, that affects me beenable to do simple chores.

I have a doc aapoint on the 12th
But till then is their anything i can to to help relive the pain till then?.(i know they will operate again)
because i just carnt funtion anymore)

I had surgery on my hands with my first preggy, and i developed it around 6 mths soon after had onsets of pre-excampsia( spelt wrong)
This time im bareley 8 wks preggy and have it.
( could this be a start to many other problems? including my early births as prevously posted to you earlier)

why do pregant women get carpul tunnel, what causes it etc.
all i know is that the tendion constricts and affect ur nerves or something like that.

docs could never really explain alot about it.

Thank you for your enquiry. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs in pregnancy because of the increased amount of fluid in your body during pregnancy. The fluid can cause pressure on the nerves and swell the tendons in the wrists as this is a restrictive area. It is not related to premature births. There are a few methods that doctors try to relieve the pain. One is medication, one is trying to elevate the wrists at night to drain the fluid so decrease the pressure, one is wearing supportive bandages, and another is surgical correction to release the pressure. It is best to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. You can visit a GP too for an opinion.

Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
Note: This information is not designed to replace that of your health professional.
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