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Fibroid Lock Rss

Hello Alex! well i am now 29weeks preggers and have some queries about a large fibroid (approx 12cm) which is next to my cervix only covering a bit. I am absolutly terrified of the complications that may arise during labour and have asked numerous times if it would be safer if i had a ceaser... i would be more comfortable having a ceaser but because this is my first pregnacy they are insisting that i wait and see, that the baby may move the fibroid out of the way... i have asked if ultimately it's my choice and i have been told no it will be the doctors decision on the day. i am absolutly terrified and feel that i am being dismissed because it is my first pregnacy. i am prone to panic attacks and in the last 2 weeks i have worked myself up into 3 attacks worrying that i will be ignored and either the baby or i will die. Are my concerns valid? or am i being a silly first timer?

Kylie, Qld, baby due 25/02/06

Thank you for your enquiry. There is no real medical reason for you to have a caesarean section. A Caesar is a large abdominal operation and has many more and more serious complications than having a vaginal birth. It is best to only have a Caesar when there is no other option. Fibroids occur in many women and quite often they shrink in pregnancy and cause no problems to the pregnancy. Ideally it would be good if you enjoyed your pregnancy and tried not to focus on any possible complications and prepared yourself for labour and birth and the care of your new precious bundle.

Best wishes,

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